Snuggy Buddy Baby Gift Card

Snuggy Buddy Baby Gift Card

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Need a last minute baby gift? No time for delivery? No problem!

Give the gift of sleep, with a Snuggy Buddy Gift Card! 

The Snuggy Buddy Difference

Created for Comfort

The Snuggy Buddy, is the first
Wearable Blanket to offer the tactile comforts of a soft plush lovey,
matched with the soothing gentle weight designed to mimic a comforting
and familiar touch, each helping release 
Oxytocin - also known as the cuddle hormone. 

Helping your baby feel safe, soothed and calmed, thus helping them sleep longer through the night!

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Created for Safety

As a mom, I struggled to find a way to safely keep a lovey in the crib with my babies to help them sleep. So I designed the Snuggy Buddy. 

Designed for comfort and safety. We meet and exceed all the highest safety standards, surpassing both required 
US Consumer Product Safety Commission testing and additional elective product testing.

Because your baby's safety is essential to us.

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