Safety Is Essential

Snuggy Buddy is recommended by Sleep Consultants and is the proud winner of a Gold Mom's Choice Award! A prestigious award given to children's products of excellence. Snuggy Buddy has won in the Baby Gear and Accessory and Safety categories. 

Snuggy Buddy allows baby to safely have the comfort of a lovey always within hands reach while they sleep, to self soothe. As baby develops a sense of touch before birth, it is a main way they are able to self comfort. 

To ensure we are bringing you the best and safest product possible, we tested above and beyond the US Consumer Product Safety Commission required testing. Our product meets and exceeds all required and additional, elective safety testing:

- Tensile Strength
- Zipper Strength
- Snap Strength / Resistance to Snap + Unsnap
- Seam Strength
- Tear Strength
- Torque and Tension Resistance
- Ability to Withstand Laundering (30 washes tested)
- Fabric / Yarn Count
- Fabric Origin
- Colorfast
- Lead
- pH value
- Formaldehydes
- Phthanalates
- Flammability
- Sharp Edges / Points
- Small Parts
- Abrasion Resistance
- Attachment Strength of Components




Please Note:
This Product is For Use By Babies 6-12 Months of Age and Minimum 16 lbs. 
Do Not Use until they meet this criteria.

As each baby is different, always check for a secure fit on your baby prior to use. DO NOT USE any brand sleep sack, if baby is able to pull in arms or head when zipped/snapped, that means your baby is too small and you must wait until they are unable to do so to wear. Baby's arms and head must always be outside of the Wearable Lovey Blanket to use.