5 Mother's Day Gifts We Love- Made by Moms for Moms

5 Mother's Day Gifts We Love- Made by Moms for Moms

Mother’s Day Gifts We Love - Made by Moms for Moms! 

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we wanted to feature 5 Mama’s that create products for Mama’s 

1. Blueland  Mama Sarah started this brand after she became a mom because she was queenly aware of all the single use plastic she was using, throwing away and ultimately contaminating our water. She created this convenient, affordable and efficient cleaning brand to help each of us and our Earth and we are so excited about it! 

2. Teaspressa Mama Allison Devane created something that is fun and delicious making team time an art and turning ordinary beverages into cocktails with the drop of a sugar cube. And garnishing your cup of tea with a little bit of floral luxury, because mamas deserve to be spoiled every day. She has made it easy to give ourselves all the moment of zen or celebration we need! 

3. Wander Beauty Mamas Divya Gugnani, serial entrepreneur and Lindsay Ellingson spent their days multitasking but their beauty products weren't doing the same, so they created it. We love that they couldn't find something for them so they created it and we also love a clean beauty brand because it really does matter what we put on our skin. They have what you need to enhance your beautiful face mama! 

4. Mali + Lili  Founded in 2017, MALI + LILI is the brainchild of Co-Founder and Creative Director, JoAnne Wannarachue Lord, a long-term fashion industry veteran with wide-ranging global experience in wholesale and retail operations along with product development and design. We love that this brand is named after her two very active and fashion savvy young daughters, MALI + LILI is a popular lifestyle brand that's equal parts fashion and function. Check out these stylish bags! 


5. Skinny Dipped It was founded by daughter, Breezy Griffith and her mom Val Griffith and we love that they started this business based around family, friends, food and love. Together with Breezy’s two best friends, they spent years perfecting SkinnyDipped almonds, the first line of balanced, healthy and insanely delicious snacks. We absolutely love these for an afternoon snack, or let's be honest, anytime snack!

Please do yourself a favor and check these amazing Mom brands out. It's awesome when we all support each other. We are about inclusivity not comparison at Snuggy Buddy -Join Us! 

xoxoxox Sue + Nikki

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