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The sense of touch is one of baby's first senses to develop. Snuggy Buddy is made to allow baby to safely have the the comforts of touch they need to self soothe through the night, ensuring comfort is always within hands reach for your baby. Wish your baby can tell you when they are tired? Snuggy Buddy can help baby communicate with you when they are ready for bed. Snuggy Buddy Babies often pull at their shirt where the butterfly is, when they are ready to sleep, eliminating tears and frustration at night from an overtired baby.
The first sleep sack featuring a safely attached plush lovey.

The Snuggy Buddy Difference

Sleep Backed By Science

The sense of touch is baby's one of baby's first senses to develop. Touch is scientifically proven to help baby feel safe, soothed and calm. Snuggy Buddy, is the first
Wearable Blanket to offer the tactile comforts of a soft plush lovey,
for baby to hold allowing your baby to self soothe with the feel and comfort of a familiar favorite toy. This helps release
Oxytocin - also known as the cuddle hormone. 

The attached lovey is always in hand's reach to help your baby feel safe, soothed and calmed, thus helping them sleep longer through the night!

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Created for Safety

Snuggy Buddy is the Proud Winner of the Mom's Choice Gold Award, awarded for children's products of excellence and recommended by Sleep Consultants across the country.

Designed for comfort and safety. We meet and exceed all the highest safety standards, surpassing both required US Consumer Product Safety Commission testing and additional elective product testing. 

Because your baby's safety is essential to us.

Available in 6m, 12m and Toddler Walker!
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This is such a great product! The weight and feel of the fabric is perfect for sleep year-round. The attached butterfly is soft and soothing for my daughter. Such a great way to safely introduce a lovey to a baby under 1!

Larissa, The Mama Coach @themamacoach.larissa

I have had my baby in the snuggy buddy the last couple nights and she has slept so well!! She grabs onto the little butterfly wings while she is falling asleep and it is so cute!! This sleep sack is definitely a favorite and the fabric is so soft and chunky that she will snuggle with it as she is sleeping as well.

Sierra F.

If your child has trouble self-soothing without holding a lovey or stuffed animal, try this sleep sack equipped with an attached lovey. A weighted butterfly at chest level simulates the feeling of a soothing touch with the soft cuddliness of a lovey. 

Red Tricycle

My little girl loves this sleepsack! Not only is it so adorable and soft, but the little snuggy butterfly really helps my baby sleep!

Alicia D.

We love our Snuggy Buddy and it’s definitely helped our 7-month-old to sleep through the night.It’s also so sweet watching our little one petting his butterfly to fall asleep. I would definitely recommend this product.

Kessa M.

We love the Snuggly Buddy. It arrived just in time for baby’s first cold. He was absolutely self soothing with the little butterfly at night and the material was great for his fluctuating temperature  I think if it were not for the Snuggy Buddy we would have reverted back to newborn like sleep. I’m grateful we didn’t. Thanks for such a great product. I’m recommending it to all my mom friends. 

Corinne B.

He loves it. It made the crib transition so much easier. And we love that it will last him for so long; we can keep at least that consistent comfort as he continues to rapidly change as he gets older. 

Rachel R.

She’s loving it and sleeping great in it. I just love the material you chose and how cozy and breathable it is.

Shannon K.

She loves it. Sleeps like baby!

Danielle O.

I was super excited to try Snuggy Buddy because holding on to a lovey helped her fall asleep for naps and then I’d have to take it out of the crib once she was asleep. We are loving our Snuggy Buddy sleep sack! We’ve been using it for about a week now and have Noticed a solid improvement in my daughter’s daytime sleep so thank you, thank you, thank you! 

- Kaela L
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We believe that babies everywhere, deserve the chance to sleep sound and dream big! 

So we have committed to donating fabrics to Project Linus.
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