About Us

As babies, both of my kids were snugglers (great during the day.. not so much when trying to get them to sleep through the night on their own).
They love holding a soft blanket or a lovey to soothe them. But it is highly unsafe to leave a loose, soft toy in the crib for a baby under the age of 1. When my daughter Olivia was 6 months old, I hit my breaking point. I went out and bought every sleep sack on the shelf - and nothing worked! 

That is when I had the idea to create the Snuggy Buddy, as a safely Wearable Lovey Blanket, with a safely attached weight toy for comfort, giving them both the weighted element (mimicking a gentle parent's soothing touch) and the plush soft wings to hold (tactile softness they needed) and a soft fabric for baby to feel wrapped in love. Add snaps on the shoulders and zippers down both sides, for what I needed - ease of getting sleeping baby in and out and ease of diaper changes!

The first night she used it, Olivia (and all of us) finally slept through the night!

Thus, the Snuggy Buddy Wearable Lovey Blanket was born!


We are committed to not only helping Snuggy Buddy Babies sleep safely and soundly, but babies everywhere. So we have pledged to donate fabrics to Project Linus, an organization that makes blankets for babies in need. So babies everywhere, get the chance they deserve, to Sleep Sound + Dream Big!

Contact us at info@snuggybuddy.com​ or by phone at 518-527-8577