6-12 Months Sleep Sack
6-12 Months Sleep Sack
6-12 Months Sleep Sack
6-12 Months Sleep Sack
6-12 Months Sleep Sack
6-12 Months Sleep Sack
6-12 Months Sleep Sack
6-12 Months Sleep Sack

6-12 Months Sleep Sack

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Does your baby love the comfort of a soft toy? Needs help self soothing at night?

The Snuggy Buddy Sleep Sack is made for them! 

How does it work? The sense of touch is scientifically proven to help your baby feel soothed, calm and comforted, sleeping longer and better. Snuggy Buddy features a  plush butterfly lovey, safely attached at chest height and always within hands reach to help your baby self soothe safely with the comfort of a lovey while they sleep.


- Plush butterfly lovey for baby to hold, allowing them to self soothe with the comfort of a familiar favorite toy 

- Adjustable snaps on both shoulders to grow with your baby 

- Zippers fully down each side, so it lays flat when open, allowing for easy midnight diaper changes. 

- Ooh so soft and breathable year round triple layer premium pre-washed Muslin fabric

- Extra leg room for even the tallest babies

The Snuggy Buddy is sleep consultant endorsed! 

Winner of the Gold Mom's Choice Award and featured as a must-have in Red Tricycle, The Daily Mom, Momtastic, Parenting, Country Living and more! 

This product is for babies starting at 6 Months and 16lbs Minimum.  

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Approved By Sleep Consultants

The Snuggy Buddy Baby Sleep Sack is one of my go to recommendation sleep products! I've seen it work wonders with so many families. The lovey on the chest is such a great idea! Love that it is safe too!"

Sleepy on Hudson - Natalie Homem

"This is such a great product! The weight and feel of the fabric is perfect for sleep year-round. The attached butterfly is soft and soothing. Such a great way to safely introduce a lovey to a baby under 1!"

The Mama Coach - Larissa