Benefits of the attached Lovey

Benefits of the attached Lovey

These are some great benefits of the attached lovey on our wearable sleep blanket!

-Our science backed approach helping babies sleep longer using tactile function of an attached lovey to help baby self soothe

- It gives your baby a way to communicate

with you!  Snuggy Buddy Babies often pull at their shirt

where the butterfly is located,  

to signal when they are tired and ready for bed,

giving them a way to communicate with you! 


- Self-soothing. The safely attached lovey gives the feeling

of your baby's favorite toy, helping them self sooth through the night.

We often hear parent's say they love watching their babies play

with the lovey on the monitor while they drift back to sleep

- on their own! 


- Mimics a parent's soothing touch! Our gently weighted version gives

the feel of a parent's touch, helping baby feel safe and comforted.


- Acts a sleep cue to let your baby know it's time for bed 

and allows for easy transitions to daycare naps 

​and sleep travel, giving your baby a familiar and constant object.


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