Introducing the Toddler Walker

Introducing the Toddler Walker

Little ones grow quickly and now we grow with them too! 

Introducing our first toddler sleep sack, for your little one on the move! 

Features all the things you love about out 6 and 12 month sizes, but built for your little ones on the go for 12 Months+ (fits up to 4yrs old!)

- Attached plush butterfly lovey at chest height for baby to self soothe and sleep longer and better

- Adjustable snaps on each shoulder

- Zippers down each side, so it opens flat, which means easy middle of the night diaper changes and easy to get sleeping baby in or out without waking them

- Triple layer pre-washed super soft and breathable muslin, for year round use!

Snuggy Buddy is the proud winner of a Mom's Choice Gold Award and recommended by sleep consultants. Featured in Daily Mom, Momtastic, The Every Mom, Scarymommy and more!

Snuggy Buddy is backed by science as the sense of touch helps baby feel calm and comforted. Snuggy Buddy is the only sleep sack to feature an attached plush lovey, to help your baby self soothe. So they can sleep longer and better. 

 Purchase yours here today! 

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