Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Presents New Moms & Moms-to-Be Will Love

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Presents New Moms & Moms-to-Be Will Love

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 7 Presents New Moms & Moms-to-Be Will Love

On Mother’s Day, we want our favorite new moms and expectant moms to feel special and seen. So we’ve filled this Mother’s Day gift guide with products that make mom’s life easier and help her feel pampered and appreciated. 

Read on for our top 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas to make a new mom’s day magic.

  1. Prenatal & Postpartum Support

During pregnancy and postpartum, moms are busy thinking about their baby and families, even at the expense of their own health and comfort. Devoted Mamas puts the focus back on mom with movement classes designed to reduce stress and pain in pregnancy, prep for childbirth, and repair postpartum issues.

  1. A Luxurious Silk Pillowcase

Sleep can be elusive for new moms, but a Slip silk pillowcase will help her look more refreshed than she feels. Silk pillowcases are gentle on the skin (and keep those sleep creases from forming), and they keep hair smooth to minimize bedhead. She’ll look great even when she doesn’t have time to shower.

  1. Belly-Friendly Pajamas

Kindred Bravely pajamas are so soft and stylish, moms may find themselves wearing them around the house all day. The Davy nursing and maternity pajama set expands for a bump and fit just as comfortably on a changing postpartum body. The pants have pockets for a phone or baby essentials, and the top pulls aside for nursing.

  1. A Hot Cup of Coffee

Drinking coffee that’s still hot is the dream for many new moms. The Ember mug2 temperature-controlled coffee mug not only keeps your coffee (or tea) hot, it lets you set the exact drinking temperature so each sip is just the way you like it. 

  1. Mom’s Favorite Cookbook

Cooking becomes more complicated when you have kids. The cookbook How to Eat with One Hand: Recipes and Other Nourishment for New and Expectant Parents makes it easier. With 80+ simple recipes for foods to satisfy mom’s cravings (Spicy Noods, A Very Good Hamburger), make-ahead meals that simplify your evenings, and dishes even older kids will eat (Breakfast Cookies, Antipasto Pasta Salad), this will be mom’s go-to cookbook for years to come.

  1. Lip Treatment

More babies mean more kisses, so a nourishing lip treatment is a must-have on any Mother’s Day gift guide. Help moms keep their lips soft and hydrated (especially important if they’re breastfeeding) with the cult favorite Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. Comes in four scents: berry, vanilla, gummy bear and sweet candy.

  1. A Wearable Blanket for Baby

No list of the best Mother’s Day gifts for new moms would be complete without something that helps young kids and their exhausted moms sleep. Snuggy Buddy promotes safe sleep for babies and toddlers through wearable blankets with an attached lovey for self-soothing and a light muslin fabric that’s comfortable year-round. 

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