Snuggy Buddy Ambassadors

Snuggy Buddy Ambassadors

Can you create a video review for Snuggy Buddy?

Please share on your IG story and feed and tag us @snuggybuddybaby. Please send us the video as well so we can share/use it! 

Once you do this  we will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card as a Thank you! 

We appreciate you being  loyal to our brand and helping Mamas and babies sleep sound and dream big! 

You're a rock star! 

Some Simple ways to create video:
-Create in Reels on IG- use photos of your baby in the Snuggy Buddy and use your voice to tell us what you love about it (save It. and send to us or tag us as a collaborator) 

-Take a video of your baby falling asleep in the Snuggy Buddy and then put a soothing lullaby sound to it in reels on IG (save it and send to us or tag us as a collaborator) 

-Record yourself talking about why you love the Snuggy Buddy sleep sack (10-30 seconds) 

Thanks again! 



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